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  • Mood: Mortified
So last night, I had this weird and awesome dream. It was weird in that it was obviously a movie-in-making. XD Seriously; there were puppetts. Kinda like the ones you use in oh, say....well... ....flying dino skeletons. With strings on dem.

But that aside, the story itself was fairly interesting. It was like...Jurassic Park meets wolves meets...something else. ....something like that.

But it was awesome.

basically, there's a whole planet where humans have never been. It's teeming with life in the forms of massive trees, massive rivers, massive leaves, and massive DINOS. Yup. (and small dinos, too, know. That didn't fir the massive theme.)

It started with this spaceship (more like an airplane..that can fly in space.) flying through the atmosphere. Something goes whrong (As in EVERY movie with ships entering planets in the opening scene...) and it crashes. Of course, this only happens after an elaborate flying-through-giant-trees scene. Then it crashes and burns. Yay. There's only one survivor. BUT! She's not part of the crew. She's a genetic experiment from wherever the ship originated, and she's spent her entire life as a sort of slave to various human masters. Now, she's suddenly free. And stranded.

Lucky for her, there happens to be a tribe/back/clan (no idea what they call themselves yet) of wolf-people similar to her. Except they're born that way. Though if they're descended from experiment like her or not, I don't know. And that's not really important.

So, after a couple of the wolf-people (simply called "wolves") rescue her, the dream changed to another scene. A slightly...DARKER one. There's a MASSIVE river flowing through the forest. Parts of it have carved a canyon out of rock, while other parts simply have beaches, and still others have trees growing IN the river. The water was clean, one drank from it. Except a T-rex. And watching this t-rex was some kind of raptor (looked kinda like this:… but without any white, and it's eyes were a blueish-green color...) Suddenly, a freaking SPINOSAURUS shows up. VEEERRYY angry. And attacks the t-rex. A massive battle ensues. Then a chase. And then...well, do I really need to say who wins? Raptor-guy runs off to his clan something. Maybe tell them about the battle? It's not like they'd get any meat; the T-rex was killed inside Spiney's territory, after all. And apparently; only a suicidal fool would go NEAR that guy's territory. Which includes the river.

So, back to the wolf pack; the white wolf from the ship wakes up in some kind of cave. There's another wolf there (a healer) who asks her some questions. White wolf doesn't even understand the native's language. After a while, the native wolf sends for the leader - an old, black wolf with a lot of silver in his fur. Alpha and his right-hand arrive. His right-hand happens to be about the same age as white wolf (and she finds him rather attractive, yay). His coat looks like this:… Not kidding; that's what he looks like. My brain is pretty weird sometimes. I've never seen that picture before in my life...

Anyway, the three have a short conversation about the white wolf, mostly about what to do with her. The Alpha puts the brindle in charge of her. Fast-forward a few months, and the white wolf has learned the basics of the culture and language. Yay. Also, the brindle's name is Ground Saded by leaves. or just Shade. Names are given to wolves based on their coat color and any notable aspects of their behavior and abilities. Gender is a slight influence, but not a major one. (generally, males do not have names containing flower or jewel. Though Gem is an appropriate name part for both male and female.) Shade starts taking white wolf on hunts with him. Her white coat makes her stand out, however the hunters quickly learn she has an uncanny ability to sense approaching sentient creatures (she has empathy, though this is not what they call it). This helps the hunters avoid clashed with the raptors (who have a territory next to the wolves.) and even work with the raptors to take down multiple members of a herd. This results in growth in prosperity between the clan and the pack, and soon the leader of the raptors wishes to speak with Alpha. They agree to meet at Two Point - an oddly-shaped rock that kinda looks like a deformed V. Alpha agrees, and requests he be allowed to bring Shade and white wolf along with him. The raptor leader agrees, and the three wolves meet up with three raptors at Two Point. (the three raptors being the leader, the raptor from earlier, and a silver and grey velociraptor.) The leader of the raptors (she's brown, by the way) introduces her two companions as Quick Run (the one from eariler) and Silver Dust, and herself as Shinaari (same thing as Alpha. It's not a name as much as a title; passed down to the next leader.) Alpha introduces himself and his two companions, explaining that white wolf has no name. Shinaari comments that her clan has been calling the white wolf "Sharp Eyes" for her ability to tell where the clan members are, as well as quickly spot prey and potential enemies. White wolf pretty much is given her name then; White Wolf with Sharp Eyes, as the raptor had described her. (yay, names!) The two leaders have a peaceful talk, and quickly agree that it would be best for the two groups to ally together, as this would bring great prosperity to their people, and less death in the harsh-times (deep summer when it gets REALLY hot, and winter.) Two Point becomes the agreed meeting place for the two leaders to talk about things and work out problems. (and later trade.) Everything goes well for many moons, until something happens...

Apparenly, someone has crossed into the Spino's territory. And she is NOT happy. By this time, White Wolf has become a full member of the pack, and the raptors and wolves have struck an alliance with the Fliers. (a tribe made up of all kinds of flying dinos.), and a sort of council has been put together. Two Point is still the meeting place for the leaders, though many of the members of the clan, pack, and tribe come to the meetings to watch. Even though it's boring. I's POLITICS.

Anyway, a massive meeting is called when members from all three groups start to vanish. Pretty much everyone shows up at Two Point, since it's kind of a big deal (also, it's fast approaching deep winter, so there are no little ones at the moment.). Alpha, Shinaari, and StrongWings (leader of the fliers) address eachother and the gathered mass. No one knows why Spiney is acting the way she is. It's during this meeting that White Wolf decides to do something no one else has...

The next scene shows White Wolf sitting on a grassy ledge in plain sight of the river. She's not near it, but she can be seen from the river very easily. It doesn't take long before Spiney comes out to the river. Oddly enough, she doesn't drink from the river. She just guards it. White Wolf waits until the massive dinosaur spots her and approaches. She remains calm, and waits to be addressed. The two start out with a somewhat tense - yet respectful - conversation, slowly relaxing as they realize the other isn't there to cause trouble. White Wolf explains the situation of the missing clan, pack, and tribe members. Spiney claims it is not her. She only chases off those who would defile the Great River. Curious, White Wolf asks why the river is so special, explaining no one seems to know and that perhaps there would be less trouble if they knew. Spiney warns her it's a bit of a long story, and White Wolf says she will listen to prevent future misunderstandings.

I won't go into the story here, it really is long, but basically the river was created by ice dragons who saw the plight of the spinos. (not enough water for them) In their compassion, they made the river. However, there was an agreement made; only members of the Kingdom could use it. It did not matter what species they were; they HAD to be a member of the kingdom. Sadly, disease wiped out most of the spinos. And the rest turned against eachother; fighting and killing until there were only a few left. Of those, only one remained while the others moved away. Now, there is no kingdom. So not even Spiney can use the river. Thus, she guards it in the event that another kingdom will rise and the river can once again be used. For the river might SEEM to come from the mountains...but it is not the mountains that make the water. It is still the Ice dragons. During winter, they build giant glaiciers that melt in the warmer weather of the hot moons, sending water down the mountains and feeding the river. If the agreement is broken, they will stop building the glaciers.

After the story, White Wolf promises she will tell it to the alliance. Spiney thanks her, and promises to keep an eye out for anything unusual. White Wolf heads back, and relays the story in exact detail word-for-word to all three groups. The alliance is quick to suggest forming a guard to assist Spiney in guarding the Great River. After all, the Great River feeds all but two of the many streams in the territorries. Should the Great River go dry, they would loose all water for the Great Heat (deep summer). Spiney is glad to have help, and intruders become far less as the patrrols are started. a messenger system is also set up; using codes in claw marks, howls, and flight patterns. Spiney becomes know as the Guardian (and more or less becomes captain of the guard), and the three leaders start acting more as a council of one group than leaders of three separate groups meeting to discuss trade and territory.

Sadly, I woke up before the story could end. So I have no idea what was causing the missing members.

....this took about an hour to write, holy dino shit. o-o (I listened to this the entire time: )

Whelp. Now to turn this into a story. ^.^ YAY!

...i wish there was a dino "mood" I could use for have a cute Grim Reaper instead. :3


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~Have excellent intuitive abilities. You often just know things, can predict events, and can see into the hidden nature of a person.
~Are self-sacrificial. You put others needs and happiness above your own.
~Are excellent at listening.
~Are driven to support the underdog, downcast or emotionally crippled in society.
~Have a love for nature and animals.
~Are easily overwhelmed in crowds of people, and tend to feel anxious, irritable, impatient and other varieties of emotions.
~Often feel fatigued, exhausted or ‘heavy’ inside.
~Find it intensely painful to watch or read about cruelty, torture, violence or tragedy.
~Are creative, solitary and spiritual.

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~Must first bond closely with a person to feel sexually attracted to them.
~Rarely experience “love at first sight”.
~Don’t experience any primary attraction to people, e.g. breasts, asses and muscles are aesthetically pleasing, not sexually arousing.
~Can be perceived as “frigid” and sexually “aloof”, often being mistaken for Asexuals.
~Can develop feelings for best friends, work partners, study buddies, family friends etc.
~Rarely sleep around or cheat in relationships.
~Are sexually attracted to very few people in your lifetime.
~Only interested in having sex with people you love.


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